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"It is Written..." is my way of sharing with you the things our Father in heaven has shown me. These writings are things Jesus has taught me since 1995.


In no way do I feel like "I'm there" or "I've made it." The Lord just reveals things to me a little at time, but I never feel like He's done telling me anything. It always seems like there's more, but He says, "That's enough for now."

I have come to a point in my life where I am simply awed by His grace. Truly, I am awed too many times to number. I am continually humbled by His love and mercy toward me. Sometimes, I can't put into words the private moments that I have with Him, even to my wife.  I attempt to, but what He reveals within my heart seems so difficult to put into words at times. It is only after much time spent in meditation, on the word of His revelation that He has given to me, that I'm able to express it verbally or in writing. Whether I'm alone in my living room, alone in my car, alone at work or at school, I've come to know that no matter where I go, there He is within me -- guiding me and teaching me at all times, if I will just sit quiet within and listen. I have also come to the realization that no matter what I am doing and how un-spiritual it may seem, I am in the Spirit because He is in me (Romans 8:9.) And if I acknowledge Him in all my ways, He will make straight my path (Proverbs 3:6).

My desire is to be in the Father's heart, to know the Father's heart, and express the Father's heart to you.

The idea of sharing these writings in this medium was premised by something I heard on a tape that was very timely, given the circumstances that my family and I found ourselves. Probably one of the most difficult moments to deal with in my life. I wanted to share in this introduction what I heard on a tape by Jack Deere, titled Surprised by the Power of the Spirit. He says:

"If you ask Dallas Seminary professor his view of the millennium, he will tell you he is pre-millennial.... If you ask him why he believes this he will declare to you that it is the plain teaching of the scriptures.

If you ask a professor from Westminster Seminary the same question, most likely, he will tell you that he is a-millennial... If you ask him why he believes this, he will tell you that it is the plain teaching of the scriptures.

Both can not be right and in fact neither may be right. The truth is if you take a student who has no position on the millennium and send him to Westminster Seminary he is probably going to come out an a-millenialist. If you take that same student and send him to Dallas Seminary, he is going to come out a pre-millenialist.

Over the years, I have observed that the majority of what 'Christians' believe is not derived from their own patient and careful study of the scriptures.

The majority of "Christians" believe what they believe because godly and respected teachers told them it was correct."

Then Mr. Deere goes on to quote J. I. Packer:

"All 'Christians' are at once beneficiaries and victims of traditions...

What we must do, rather, is acknowledge that we are full of tradition. Good or bad, to a much greater extent then we realize and must learn to ask by the light of scripture, critical questions about what we have, thus far, taken for granted."

© 1993 Jack Deere, Surprised by the Power of the Spirit, Zondervan Publishing

Don't worry about what the difference is between an a-millenialist or a pre-millenialist. Just understand the point he was trying to make. I believe it to be an extremely valid one.

Sometimes there comes a point in life where we must question the validity of our own beliefs. Do we believe certain things regarding faith simply because our parents or church leaders believed it and taught it to us? Or do we believe it because it was actually true and we had a personal revelation from Jesus of its validity?

Questioning to seek the truth is what I call "working out your own salvation with fear and trembling". That does not mean to say I believe there are works involved for salvation. There isn't any works on the part of man involved. I feel responsible to make sure that whatever I'm walking out in my faithwalk, and leading my family in, is actually true. The only way I can accomplish that, after receiving the Spirit, is to seek truth out under the guidance of the Spirit. Even if that means that I might find something that I believed in since I was seven years old to be wrong. Even if it means that I must walk in something that is contrary to belief's that are popularly accepted in "christianity". Paradigm shifts in beliefs are not sin. We must allow God to renew our minds and correct our thinking.

I am accountable to change my ways. If I should be corrected by the Spirit, then Halelu Yah!, for I know He corrects me because of His love for me. If I don't find anything wrong, then Halelu Yah!, for He has led me down the path of righteousness for His name's sake.

Today, God is calling out His people from a great many things. I believe today is the day for the true people of God to stand up and come out of all compromise and ignorance that exists in their own lives because we choose to willfully and stubbornly hold on to traditions of men that have no validity whatsoever in scripture. How long will we allow the traditions we learned by routine through men to invalidate the power of the word and God in our lives?

Some time ago, I was attending an ordination ceremony for a friend who was to become a pastor of a church. During the ceremony, Jesus spoke to me these words to share with my friend. I won't repeat all of it, but this one thing really flashed an impression in my spirit that I have never forgotten. Jesus told me to tell him this, among other things:

"Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees."

"Beware of the Theology of this Age."

I pray that what you read, hereafter, is an encouragement and transforming revelation in your life and that what you read is convicting only by the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ. I hope that you hunger and search after God with all your heart and find Him, so that He may perform the word as He said He would in you.

For I believe that the Father's heart's desire and good pleasure is to fulfill His promise to you, by pouring out His Spirit in you, so that you would fill to overflowing with Him,


Please, do not hesitate to use your own Bible, when reading the scripture references. Continuing further with a bible in hand is certainly encouraged! All scripture references are taken from the KJV Bible, unless otherwise indicated.

© copyright 2000 Jesus M. Ruiz

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